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Vibration or energy medicine which works on cellular level stimulates the organs own frequencies (vibration) thus regeneration takes place and healing can begin.

Why Energy Medicine is so important?

The first signal that something is going wrong in the body is vibrational or

  • Damaging frequencies are stored in the cells and these may build up unnoticed for years before manifesting as an illness
  • Chemical changes begin to appear and then pathogens like bacteria, virus, fungus, etc take hold
  • Our lifestyles can create damaging frequencies that could be detected long before physical symptoms appear
  • A lack of symptoms is not a sign of perfect health!

What can a scan do for you?

The therapeutic effects range from the mundane to the complex, from localised tooth pain to whole body health.
[a] Recognition of problem areas: In the hands of a trained health practitioner, the imbalances in the subtle energy field are tracked to determine the most probable sources of ill health. It stimulates conscious awareness of unconscious processes.

[b] Energetic treatment: In addition theresults have  the capability to transmit different corrective energies to help the body establish energetic balance for health and well being. This includes locating and unblocking the flow of energy, zapping pathogens, biofeedback, stimulating repair processes, stimulating detoxification, desensitizing allergies, reducing stress, balancing emotions, balancing chakras and more.

[c] Additional treatment recommendations: The health practitioner is also able to determine the lifestyle changes and remedies, including correction of nutritional deficiencies, which will best help as a next step in a plan for better health.

It is important to understand that the healing, which begins immediately, may, or may not, be overtly perceptible for a while. The healing process may begin subtly on the inside, with small stimuli starting cascade reactions, which result in significant changes. While it is possible that some acute imbalances may be corrected in one session, a series of sessions will generally tend to be most beneficial.

 The EVOX facilitates a process called Perception Reframing. Perception is the way you feel and think about something. Because we perceive more than we are aware of, perception is more often ‘felt’ rather than ‘thought about.’


EVOX uses the voice (VOX is Latin for voice) to map perception about specific topics like health, relationships, work or athletic performance; any aspect of life. It then analyses that map, called a Perception Index, and creates a playback information packet that the body uses to bring perception to the level of awareness and allow it to be reframed. EVOX is used to improve every aspect of human performance.

 Announcing the implementation of ZYTO biocommunication technology

Nailah has implemented a new ZYTO biocommunication program that enables extensive health related information about each client to be gathered through a direct link between the client and the computer. This information is then used as part of a holistic approach to improving your health and wellness.

Using ZYTO technology, your Holistic Practitioners can identify a biological preference for nutrition, therapies and treatments as part of a process of creating a personalized and unique wellness program for each individual client.

"One size does not fit all when it comes to health and wellness. Using ZYTO we are able to approach wellness on an individual basis, creating a custom plan for each unique client," said (Nailah Beraki Holistic Psychotherapist & Health Educator) "The results have been impressive because this approach takes into account the body's own biological preference as part of our development of a holistic health plan,"

Nailah, offers (private appointments) to people seeking wellness in the metro area and is now registering appointments for clients interested in being scanned with this technology.
For more information about ZYTO contact me ( no insurance accepted)

  1. Are you looking to improve relationships, overcome addictions, improve your athletic performance or achieve your goals? EVOX technology can help you to clear emotional blockages that may be holding you back. When we change the way we see the world around us, we can decide the type of person we want to be. Call us today to schedule your first session. (Insert Personal or Clinical contact information) This video will help explain EVOX technology.
  2. Some decisions in life can be difficult ones, but decisions about staying healthy should never be difficult. ZYTO technology bypasses the guess work and allows you to make easy decisions regarding your health.
  3. Scan while you wait. ZYTO Balance software allows you to start your checkup before you even see the doctor.
  4. If you aren't feeling well, you probably don't want to drive to the doctor's office. ZYTO Virtual Clinic technology allows the doctor to come to you. Call today to learn more about how you can start scanning today.
  5. Looking for a more effective way to manage your body's needs? With ZYTO technology, we are able to find out your body's preferences so that we can improve your health today. For more information about ZYTO technology, or to schedule your first scan, call today.
  6. Travel the world with your practitioner. Call today to see how you can bring us along using ZYTO technology.
  7. Your body is constantly changing. You need healthcare that can keep up with these needs. We use ZYTO technology in our, office to help you maintain the highest levels of health you can. Call today to learn more about what we can do for you.


How Perception Reframing Can Improve your Health, Relationships and Performance.

The EVOX experience opens you to new ways of seeing things, it's called Perception Reframing. Old perceptions that may be stuck and damaging are released and you become free to choose better ways.

When you speak, your voice carries the energy of how you perceive or see the topic you are speaking about. The EVOX records your voice energy and plots it on a graph called a Perception Index (PI). The EVOX then uses your PI to determine frequency signatures that are most useful to you. It then sends those signatures to the Hand Cradle as you listen to relaxing music and think about the topic you are speaking of.

Perception Reframing can positively impact any aspect of:

  1. Personal Health – Health conditions involve perception, and reframing on health issues can improve the way you feel.
  2. Interpersonal Relationships – A better relationship with your spouse, dealing with a problem child, or enjoying your time with coworkers.
  3. Personal Performance – Improve your sports performance, increase your ability to focus, or become a faster learner at school or at work. Perception Reframing increases your ability to choose, it moves you to a position of choice rather than reaction. It can be profound because perception creates personal reality.

What People Are Saying About the EVOX


The ZYTO EVOX enables you to help  with the emotional aspects of health  and helps  you identify the blindside of your emotions 

EVOX –facilitates perception reframing

·         Emotional Healing

·         Relationships

·         Incorporating emotional elements into healing

Several subtle changes occurred within me during my first session, the power and impact of which became increasingly clear as time went on. The work and its impact deepened with the second session, and I've been noticing positive differences in my moods, energy, and attitude ever since.
R. A.

I can't believe how much junk does not bother me! This last session sort of knocked something loose. I'm doing so well, it is ridiculous! Mean people & stressful situations have absolutely NO effect on me. Another thing; I used to run from stressful situations and avoid possible conflict at all costs. I would literally start to have a panic attack. Gone! How cool is that! I keep thinking "I'm not freaking out about this or that." –R. L.

I am so amazed and very pleased with the energetic shifts in my thinking, and noticeable changes in my behavior, which are the result of Perception Reframing sessions. –E.B.

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