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9 Reasons To Learn Reiki


Reiki … may ultimately be the most important alternative treatment of all…. Dr. Mehment Oz

Reiki is one of the leading safe Energy Medicine approaches.

C. Norman Shealy

M.D. Ph.D.

   1. Invest in your own spiritual growth.

Reiki is a connection to universal energy that can us heal on many levels physically and  emotionally, with an open mind and heart Reiki eventually teaches us.

2. As a Self-Empowerment Tool

Easy to use you as a healing method of energizing harmonizing the body and to share with others in need.

With Reiki we can offer comfort, hope, relief, and real healing when confronted with the pain of others, it is empowering for the giver and the receiver. Reiki is good energy medicine.

3. Lower Your Stress -
Stress is a known contributor to many illnesses and detractor to quality of life. Practicing Reiki is helpful for improving your situation and eases the sense of helplessness of not being
 able to control the situation and helps protect your own energy in the process of helping others.

4. For Highly Sensitive People and those who are looking to become a little more sensitive -

Reiki helps connect one to their psychic intuition and removes enough stress from the psyche to increase the understanding of our emotions and strengths.

5. Your Spiritual purpose -

Spiritual guided life force energy if you feel there is something missing from life, and can't pinpoint it; you may desire spirituality or a purpose in life. Reiki helps deepen the connection to both and offers new tools of discovery.

6. Reduce Phobias and emotional issues -

Techniques using reiki are very helpful on phobias and fears, often clearing in a single session. 

7. Reiki – Reiki can help booster your overall immune system and doesn’t require any belief. A Judgmental attitudes will not hinder the work of Reiki although it is increasing evident that being open to receiving increase the speed of healing.

. Reiki is a wonderful way to assist in difficult situations while lessening our need to solve - meaning we can always contribute.Reiki helps you connect to your joy!

8. Celebrate the Healing Process-

Techniques using Reiki are great for providing people with deeper insights into the dynamics  of their healing offers you a great deal of information about yourselves often times a  spiritual awakening. Those so inclined can also use it to connect deeper to the divine, or to work with healing and releasing past life issues. 

9. Community Circles of Love

Sometimes, holistic spiritual people feel very isolated. Reiki is a way we can connect to other like-minded people and increase the level of support. Create your own Reiki community! Learn to Teach Reiki!

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