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DWI Assessments

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OASAS Approved Provider Screening and Assessment Services

Shakeray Wellness Collaborative, LLC, |[email protected]|718.708.0707

New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor| Credentialed Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor

OASAS Approved Provider of Screening and Assessment Services

Q: How do you differ from most other providers?

A-I perform assessments on a regular basis.  I know the process, the system, the paperwork, and where to send it.  This helps expedite matters and assures accuracy.

I am a highly experienced mental health professional who can recognize and offer care solutions for issues that may contribute to the DWI.  This includes diabetes, depression, bi-polar disorder, and ADHD. When you schedule an appointment with me you work only with me.

I handle all of the paperwork myself.  This insures complete confidentiality. I do not have a billing service  or other person who might have access to your information. I can generally see clients within 24  business hours.  Many programs cannot offer such a quick response.

Q: How does this process work?
A: I meet with clients  in my office by appointment only. The assessment takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.  I ask the client questions about the incident; drinking and drug use, as well as explore family and work issues, medical and criminal justice history.

It is my job after the assessment to determine if the client reports or demonstrates the misuse or abuse of alcohol and other drugs and whether the client and/or the community is at risk if the client were to get his/her car back or regain his/her license.  Should I determine that the client is at risk, they are then referred to the appropriate level of treatment. If the client does not appear to require treatment, I then complete the necessary paperwork and send it to the proper authorities as well as to the client and attorneys.

Q: What do I have to bring to the session?

A: First you must please be on time.  The appointment given to you is exclusively for you. I leave enough time for the assessment.  Should you be late, I cannot guarantee we will be able to finish the entire assessment.  

Please be sure to bring:

  • All relevant paperwork, including any letters from the authorities, your arrest papers and any forms that need to be completed. When in doubt bring all papers and I will sort through them.
  • I will need your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) results from the breathalyzer. If you refused the breathalyzer, I need to know that as well.
  • If paperwork is to be mailed out of state I will require the address.   
  • For NYC DWI offenders who have had their car seized, it is imperative that you have your car seizure number.  The car seizure number is written on the right hand corner of many documents. It begins with "#" and is followed by the last two digits of the year, followed by a dash and then four more numbers.  I must have this number to process your paperwork.  
  • Your payment
  • I perform assessments on a regular basis.  I know the process, the system, the paperwork, and where to send it.  This helps expedite matters and assures accuracy.

    Q: How much is the fee and will my insurance cover the cost?

    A: My fee for the full assessment plus the necessary paperwork ranges from  $350.00- $497.00  including vehicle release paperwork, etc. Payment is due at the time of the assessment.  I accept, cash, money orders or Visa/MasterCard. I do not take any form of insurance.  Many insurance companies do not see this as a medical matter.  Some clients choose not to let their insurance companies know for reasons of confidentiality.  Should you require a receipt to send to your insurance company, I will be happy to provide you with one and you can submit it for reimbursement directly to your insurance provider.

Q: I don’t have a problem.  Why do I need an assessment? Image result for driver intoxication level

A: Well, you do have a problem that is called a DWI, a criminal offense.  I would guess your family and friends are not too happy (that is if you have told them) about the situation.   They probably are also very scared.  Most DWI clients do not qualify for the diagnosis of Alcohol Dependence (what many people call alcoholism). This does not mean they are not dangerous to themselves and others when they drink or drink and drive.  The assessment will determine the level of danger for everyone.

Q: Why do I have to pay for the assessment?
A: Because you are the person charged with the DWI and the services for the assessment are not covered by any government monies.

Q: Can you guarantee me you will not send me to treatment?  
A: No I cannot. What I can do is promise you that you will get a fair and thorough assessment.  Not all clients need treatment, but some do.  Until we have met face-to-face and have gone over the questions, I cannot tell you my decision.  I am very open-minded.    

Q: If I have an assessment with you do I still have to go to the NYS DDP?

A: That all depends on the BAC level..  The DDP (Drinking Driver Program) is a 16-hour educational program mandated by the judges to many people convicted of DWI and DWAI in New York State.  You must complete the DDP course in order to get your license back.  This assessment is only relevant to the DDP if you failed the RIASI test and are then required to get an assessment for a certificate of completion. 

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Penalties of a DWI in New York

A conviction for even a first time drunk driving offense in New York could result in severe consequences and life altering long-term effects. These include paying large fines and court related fees,

  • paying higher auto insurance premiums or losing coverage,
  • bad credit ratings,
  • attending mandatory probation meetings, being prohibited from consuming any alcohol, performing community service
  • Losing your driver’s license and spending time in jail.
  • A conviction for New York DWI would mean having a criminal record which could impact your ability to find or keep job opportunities and possibly limit your ability to travel

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