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Raindrop Technique as Energy Medicine

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What Is The Raindrop Technique?

It is a powerful technique developed by D. Gary Young in the 1980s, using Young Living’s Therapeutic Essential oils to balance, align the body in a gentle and non-invasive manner. It is also a very powerful technique for emotional, mental and spiritual alignment and balance.

It has been said that most people will measure taller after one session of Raindrop. My own niece measured 1-2cm taller after her session!

What Are The Young Living Essential Oils Used In Raindrop:

  • Valor
  • Thyme
  • Basil
  • Wintergreen
  • Marjoram
  • Cypress
  • Peppermint
  • AromaSiez
  • Oregano
  • Ortho Ease Massage Oil
  • V6 (optional)

What Are the Positive Effects Of Raindrop

  • The Valor blend is known as “chiropractor in a bottle”, as such through Raindrop, it brings about a balancing and re-aligning of one’s spine and energy centers.
  • Many of the single oils used in the Raindrop have the quality of inducing relaxation, so this means that through the oils and the technique applied, it can enhance positive emotions and release negative emotions that are within the body itself!
  • The oils also support one’s body system such as the immune system, nervous system and others. The oils are not just massage oils, they have a strong anti-oxidant quality!
  • Clients with muscle and bone challenges often report great relief through Raindrop even though the technique used is not a deep tissue massage technique. The oils do work deeply into one’s muscles but the facilitator does not apply strong pressure on the client. For this reason many with muscle and bone discomfort find this a wonderful choice of therapy. Many of the oils used also reduce tension, supports healthy bones, and have been beneficial for sore and stressed muscles even in chronic injuries.
  • Raindrop also assists in the releasing of toxins in the body. Many clients feel a renewed sense of well-being and experience an improved level of immunity.

What I offer is: Raindrop & Psychic Clearing

In this session, we will combine the Raindrop oils together with other oils which you may need for psychic clearing. I will intuitively tune into your body system or use the information from the Bio Scan to determine which oils you would require most at the time of the psychic clearing session.

What will we cover in the Psychic Clearing?

  • Scan your energy system of negative energies that no longer serve you
  • Clear all negative spiritual/mental/emotional/etheric tumours present in your energy field including your aura
  • Cut all negative spiritual, karmic, mental, emotional, etheric cords you have with people, places and things
  • Cleanse and purify all negative cords that cannot be cut
  • Scan and repair your aura of holes, and unwanted negative energies
  • Clear and rebalance all your chakras
  • Infuse your aura and entire energy system with energies of your higher self and higher purpose
  • Clear all karmic ties (contracts) from past lives that no longer serve you
  • Repair of your enteric body of damage inflicted in past lives
  • Clear all unwanted entities, energies present in your energy field that do not serve your higher purpose
  • Reinforce your protective grid (you will also be taught how to maintain this)
  • Activate your connection with your higher self, and spiritual guides and teachers
  • List of homework will be given to you on how to maintain your energy system
  • All of the above are done with Raindrop Oils for maximization of impact on your energy system and for your personal maintenance.

This session also includes a Bio-Survey of your energy and a list of recommended Young Living Essential Oils medicines and up to 2 supplements will be given to you, and the entire session plus Bio Scan lasts 90 mins. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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