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Praise For the Pivot!

Power, Passion & Everyday Miracles


“The following testimonials have been sent to me by people who have expressed their gratitude over the years. I feel honored by each and every one for choosing to work with me. I feel touched by their courage and commitment to Pivot and become all of who they can be. I feel truly blessed to be given the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. I cannot imagine work that is more  heart centered,creative, humbling and deeply fulfilling”.                    


“Since coming to see Nailah, I am starting to chip away at the challenging wall that has been in front of me for many years. I have learned to envision the future and create specific goals and steps to turn my vision into reality. I consider it a privilege to participate in such a unique Coach

Gerard J.

“There is a clarity of vision for my career and my relationship. I am learning to communicate from the heart and from a place of love and understanding rather than resentment and fear.”

Working with Nailah has dramatically changed my attitude, increased  my self-confidence, and my life. Now, using the solution focused  coaching I received, We look at each day as a new challenge, a new opportunity to grow, and a new beginning on a road to a better life.”Thank You!

Shirley & Jay D Newman

No words will ever be sufficient to describe my experience in working with Nailah.

I approached Nailah with the intent of obtaining what I needed, however I received that and the source of unlimited wisdom, love and bliss. Before working with Nailah, I lived in a place often limited to the things I could knew, unaware the one can live in a state of joy on a daily basis by understanding one’s value and gifts. 

After only 6 months I have transformed and will continue evolve, thanks to Nailah. She uses a very unique approach and a number of techniques to create these huge shifts that ultimately led me to take leaps after leaps and enjoy life. For 29 years, I lived not knowing who I truly was, with the inability to feel pure joy, often fatigued and stressed.  Nailah helped me understand the meaning of self-value and how to throw away stigmas and belief’s that people generally carry with them from childhood.  Each week I felt a better sense of awareness, appreciation for the things of all sorts, from the tree that simply stands still to beloved friends and family.  Whenever I felt the slightest urge to go back to old habits, it quickly backfired; fatigue and stress overruled my life again. You see, by understanding my value I automatically started manifesting the best, the original version of myself.  Now, I’m free of worries about my past or the future, because each day, I’m putting in the effort, the thoughts and attitude, to secure the rest of my life.

Today, I’m the real person that I was born to be.  For that, I’ll be forever grateful and wholeheartedly recommend Nailah, for anyone pursuing identity, balance or simply the next big leap in their lives.

-       Vanessa G.


Dear Nailah:
 Thank you again for all of your coaching, motivation, and productive advice you have shared with me. Because words alone cannot completely express my sincere gratitude I have included you in the dedication of my book. Your encouragement to not give –up and continue the work became the impetus to the completion of this book and I Love you for your generosity- Love, Peace,, & Blessings -
BetteVargas Fitness Enterprises, LLC is an online health and wellness service created to inform women, children and men of ways to improve their physical, spiritual and mental quality of life. Our intention is to change the paradigm of thinking toward health and wellness. Services include: producing mobile fitness festivals, personal training, backyard boot camps, race-walk instruction, public speaking Products include: Bare Your Body: The Wellness Guide to Ageless Beauty; and home fitness equipment.



Nailah's goal is to help others make a difference in their own life and in the lives of others she has helped me manage my career transition, launch new career, overcome significant challenges, and helped me find purpose in my life.
Because of her ability to empower others, Nailah’s personal coaching has been “life-changing for me.
We all face challenging situations. Nailah teaches us to uncover our  inner strength and unleash the passion and confidence to take action with lasting results Thank you!

S.Jones  Educator





I absolutely love working with Nailah! She is a breath of fresh air in my life and I look forward to each and every session with her. Nailah has an incredible gift for identifying what is blocking people from moving forward. I am absolutely amazed at what we accomplish in our sessions. So often, I can get caught up in a problem that I perceived as a huge obstacle and after working through it with Nailah it is just a tiny bump on the road of growing and changing. She has helped me regain and maintain my confidence and definitely has been a key component in propelling me forward along the path of my dreams. Nailah’s energy is contagious and she has so many amazing gifts. I feel blessed that she has come into my life. I highly recommend working with Nailah if you are definitely ready to “Pivot Now” and start living the life you have always wanted!

-Kerry Geocaris 
[email protected]  www.simplykerry.com

Nailah makes coaching a personalized experience. She helped me clear away obstacles to becoming a successful Entrepreneur, look at my values and gifts pivot my mindset which has increased my income substantially! 
She gives you the tools to heal yourself and find balance. Success is how you define it in your life and is only a pivot point away!
I. Fleming- Retail Executive

Bani O'Connor-Bobb
Bani O'Connor-Bobb
Experienced Project Coordinator

Nailah has been an exceptional mentor to me as a student of psychology over the past few years that I have known her. She is a person who after meeting once, you will remember in the most positive light. I have learned from her that the therapeutic approach truly depends on the individual Client’s needs. Nailah's style is caring, empathic, with warmth and compassion which...more

Some of the results for coaches and practitioners are more fun, happy successful coaching clients and making more money than most coaches’ think is possible to earn.  

Do you want to give up your on-call practice? Or working two jobs?
As a holistic practitioner or healer when you PIVOT, you gain unshakeable confidence and joy.  You serve - an important part of your “BIG "why" in starting your business initially - right!  You make money too - that is one of the goals of your business too.
Nailah and PIVOT Now are credited with transforming lives and business.  She knows our ups and downs. Her personal leap from traumatic injuries, being paralyzed and temporarily living in a wheelchair to a successful coach and business owner, as your coach she will make your shift from sad and hopeless, to a joyous and profitable business owner, a snap.

Carla Gonzales
Health Educator,
& Owner of Greenway resources,

Tiffany White MS

Tiffany White MS


Program Coordinator at Dress for Success

Nailah's approach is one that is forward moving. She has been someone that I look to for both professional and personal advice. She takes that time to get to the root of any issues and give you the tools to move forward. She helps you understand the importance of pivoting forward into your future.

The New York City chapter of the National Conference of Black Lawyers extends to you its warmest thanks for your excellent participation at our workshop “ Meeting The challenge of The Bar”

There can never be sufficient emphasis placed on stress reduction and relaxation when confronted with life’s everyday assignments.. Your presentation and stress reduction techniques clearly is useful not only for bar exam takers, but for virtually everyone.

You have provided an extremely vital service for the participants and to those of us who sponsored the workshop. Again thank you Nailah!

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Florence Morgan




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